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Adding links in your post

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You can add a link to your posts in two ways
Add the link as a complete url and add the link tags around it - enter the url (website) then highlight it and click the 'Insert Hyperlink' icon - 3rd icon from left, just above the line of smilies. This will give:

--- Code: ---[url][/url]
--- End code ---
which looks like

You can insert text to be clicked to go to the website:

--- Code: ---[url=]Click here to go to Dalesplanes[/url]
--- End code ---
Will look like so
Click here to go to Dalesplanes

I tried to copy and paste a link into a post this morning and i got a message saying 'Sorry this function has been disabled by the webpage' ??? ???

Can you try and pm me the link so that I can see why?

It doesn't seem to be possible to copy and paste from any site.I made screenshots of both the link and the error message and uploaded both to Photobucket,but i can't copy and paste those links (or any other text) into my messages either.
I did try test messages on other forums and don't have the same problem.

Are you able to copy and paste text into a message at your end??

It doesn't seem to allow you to right click on the website pages. For example, I went to right click on a thread on the homepage in order to open it in another window/tab and got the same message - 'Sorry this function has been disabled by the webpage'. A temporary problem which has happened once or twice before.

As for copying and pasting which required the right click, perhaps ctrl+C for copying and ctrl+V might get around the problem?


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